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About us

Next Level Assistive Technology is a leader in assistive technology solutions, training, and services.  We are dedicated to helping individuals with disabilities lead productive and fulfilling lives.  Whether that’s a student in the classroom, an adult recovering from an injury, a veteran with a permanent disability, or a senior who wants to remain independent, Next Level Assistive Technology is there to help.

Michael Hooks, president and founder, has twenty years of experience teaching and working in the field of assistive technology. He is a certified teacher of the visually impaired and holds an advanced degree in Assistive Technology from Northern Illinois University. Michael worked as an assistive technology specialist and teacher at the Washington State School for the Blind for seven years and has been an adjunct instructor in the graduate programs for teachers of the visually impaired at Northern Illinois University and Portland State University.

“I will continue my efforts to help enable those with disabilities to function in the world on a level playing field through the use of assistive technology.  Legally blind since birth, I have taken advantage of the monumental advances in assistive technology and incorporated them into my daily life.  I am committed to changing and transforming lives, one client at a time."

Michael P. Hooks, M.S. Ed. President - Next Level Assistive Technology